How many times have you wished there was an indoor and supervised play area filled with a flying fox, spider tower, tube slide toboggan, multiple 4 metre drop slides, inflatable race track, mirror maze, bouncing castle, basketball hoops and so much more set over 1000sqm? Surely too many to count. Well we can assure you it’s the play area of every kid’s dreams and the reason that you will soon be enjoying that drink with friends, actually with those friends.

Here is a few of our favourite spots to explore:

The Wipe Out

This 6 person game is one of the most challenging and the most fun. The mechanical arms let you test your skill at jumping and ducking to be the last kid standing.

The Inflatable Hoops

A classic for the adults made kid friendly thanks to all that added bounce.

The Mini Spinner

Perfect for your littlies, this gentle inflatable spinning area will have every toddler enjoying the fun as much as the big kids.

The Mirror Maze

We dare you to not get lost in our magical mirror maze.

The Tube

An exciting real speed toboggan without the freezing temps! This is an inflatable tube slide that will thrill the kids.

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